Dodge Charger Reboots as Electric and Gas-Powered, Muscle Cars Get a Makeover

By Ehtesham Arif

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Gearheads, rejoice! Dodge is defying expectations and keeping the iconic Charger alive – not just with one, but with two exciting options: a brand-new electric vehicle (EV) and a next-generation gasoline-powered muscle car. This marks a historic shift for Dodge, as it reveals its very first all-electric offering.

Farewell (and Return)

Remember the whispers of the Charger and Challenger’s demise back in 2022? Dodge threw us a curveball. While production of the current models did end last year, the legendary nameplate lives on. The new announcement caters to both traditional muscle car enthusiasts and those embracing the electric revolution.


The 2024 Charger Daytona EV, boasting a sleek yet muscular design, is poised to be a game-changer. Dodge promises a thrilling driving experience with up to 670 horsepower, a scorching 0-60 mph time of 3.3 seconds, and a respectable range (details vary by model, with estimates reaching 317 miles).

But fear not, purists! The gas-powered Charger isn’t going anywhere. Set for a 2025 release, it will pack a punch under the hood with a new, powerful inline-six engine, exceeding the performance of its V-6 predecessors and even some V-8 variants. Dodge promises it will be a worthy successor, carrying the torch of legendary muscle car performance.

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Keeping Costs Down

This two-pronged approach – offering both EV and gas-powered versions – allows Dodge to adapt to the evolving automotive landscape. EV sales might not be skyrocketing at the pace initially expected, but Dodge is prepared to cater to both preferences.

Both the EV and gas models will eventually be available in two- and four-door variants, streamlining production and potentially lowering costs. This strategy aligns with Stellantis’ (Dodge’s parent company) push for efficiency and reduced carbon footprint.

Dodge Evolves

The new Charger represents a significant step forward for Dodge. It embraces electrification while staying true to its performance heritage. The iconic design gets a modern yet retro makeover, and Dodge is even exploring ways to capture the signature “muscle car” sound in the electric version.

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The future of Dodge is looking electric (and gas-powered). This bold move positions them to remain a major player in the ever-changing automotive industry, attracting both traditional muscle car enthusiasts and those ready to embrace a new era of electric performance.