Editorial Policy

At NIHER.org, our commitment to delivering reliable and accurate news forms the cornerstone of our editorial philosophy. This page outlines the principles and standards we adhere to in our journalistic practices.

Independence and Integrity

NIHER.org is an independent digital news portal. We are not affiliated with any colleges, universities, or educational institutions. Our news coverage is free from external influence, be it political, corporate, or any other affiliations. Our content is produced, edited, and reviewed by our dedicated team to ensure it meets the highest standards of journalistic integrity and impartiality.

Accuracy and Trustworthiness

Our editorial team is dedicated to providing you with news that is not only immediate but also accurate. Every piece of content on NIHER.org undergoes a rigorous fact-checking process before publication. We strive to use credible sources and provide clear distinctions between factual reporting and opinion content to maintain transparency and trust.

Corrections Policy

We believe in accountability and transparency. Errors, although infrequent, are corrected promptly upon discovery. Corrections will be noted within the article and dated to ensure our readers are aware of the changes.

Diverse Content Coverage

NIHER.org covers a wide range of topics, including the Latest News, Education, Sports, Tech, Auto, Entertainment, and Gaming. We aim to provide comprehensive coverage that enlightens, educates, and entertains our audience. Our content seeks to cater to diverse interests and perspectives, enriching our readers’ experience.

Reader Engagement

We value the interaction with our readers and encourage you to reach out with any inquiries, feedback, or suggestions. Reader engagement helps us to improve and evolve continuously. You can connect with us directly via email at info@niher.org.


While NIHER.org may host advertisements, these do not influence our editorial content. Advertisements are clearly marked to ensure they can be distinguished from editorial content.


We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our readers. Our privacy policy details how we collect, use, and safeguard the information you provide to us.

By adhering to these policies, NIHER.org ensures that our digital news portal remains a trusted and respected source for news and information. Our commitment to these principles is unwavering as we continue to serve our readers with integrity and high journalistic standards.