Top 6 Zodiacs Who Believe In Guardian Angels

By Ehtesham Arif

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Do you believe in guardian angels? Many people find comfort in the thought of a celestial being watching over them, guiding and protecting them. Interestingly, astrology suggests that some zodiac signs are more inclined to believe in these ethereal protectors than others. Let’s look into the top six zodiacs who are most likely to believe in guardian angels and why they feel such a strong connection to these spiritual guardians.


Cancers are known for their emotional depth and intuition. This water sign is naturally attuned to the unseen and the mystical. Their heightened sensitivity allows them to sense things that others might miss, making them more receptive to the idea of guardian angels. Cancers often feel a deep need for protection and nurturing, which aligns perfectly with the concept of a guardian angel watching over them. They find solace in the idea that they are never truly alone, especially during challenging times.


Pisces, another water sign, is inherently spiritual and dreamy. They have a rich inner world and a strong connection to the spiritual realm. Pisces often feel like they are guided by a higher power, and the idea of a guardian angel resonates deeply with them. They are prone to experiencing vivid dreams and intuitive flashes, which they often interpret as messages from their guardians. This belief provides them with comfort and a sense of purpose, knowing that they are guided by a benevolent force.


Sagittarius is a fire sign known for its adventurous and philosophical nature. They are seekers of truth and wisdom, often exploring various spiritual beliefs. Sagittarians are open-minded and curious, which makes them more likely to embrace the idea of guardian angels. They often perceive these celestial beings as guides on their life’s journey, helping them navigate through new experiences and challenges. This belief aligns with their optimistic and hopeful outlook on life.

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Virgos are earth signs with a strong sense of duty and practicality. While they are known for their analytical minds, many Virgos have a deep-seated belief in the unseen and the spiritual. They appreciate the idea of a structured, orderly universe where guardian angels play a role in maintaining balance and protection. Virgos often seek comfort in the thought that their meticulous nature is supported by a higher power, guiding them to make the right decisions and protect them from harm.


Libras, ruled by Venus, are air signs that value harmony and balance. They are naturally inclined towards the idea of guardian angels, believing that these celestial beings help maintain equilibrium in their lives. Libras often feel a strong connection to their spiritual side, seeking peace and protection from their guardians. This belief helps them navigate through life’s ups and downs, providing a sense of reassurance and stability.


Capricorns are earth signs known for their disciplined and ambitious nature. Despite their practical approach to life, many Capricorns hold a strong belief in guardian angels. They see these celestial beings as protectors who help them achieve their goals and overcome obstacles. This belief in a higher power guiding them aligns with their need for structure and support, giving them the confidence to pursue their ambitions with determination.

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Believing in guardian angels can provide comfort, guidance, and a sense of security. For these zodiac signs, the presence of a guardian angel is a reassuring thought that they are never truly alone, no matter what challenges life throws at them.


Which zodiac sign is most likely to believe in guardian angels?

Cancer is most likely to believe in guardian angels due to their intuitive and emotional nature.

Why do Pisces believe in guardian angels?

Pisces believe in guardian angels because of their strong spiritual connection and intuitive experiences.

Do Sagittarians believe in guardian angels?

Yes, Sagittarians often believe in guardian angels as guides on their adventurous life journey.

Can practical signs like Virgo believe in guardian angels?

Yes, Virgos believe in guardian angels as protectors who maintain balance and support their meticulous nature.

How do Libras connect with guardian angels?

Libras connect with guardian angels through their desire for harmony and balance in life.