CBSE Board Exam Results 2024: Check Expected Date, Time and More

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CBSE Board Exam Results 2024: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that the results for the Class 10 and 12 board exams will be released this month. Students and parents should note that the exact date and time for the results are yet to be confirmed by CBSE. To avoid any confusion caused by fake notices circulating on social media, it’s crucial to check only the official CBSE websites such as,,, and for accurate information.

Navigating Through Fake Notices

In this digital age, misinformation spreads quickly, especially on social media platforms. CBSE has warned students to stay vigilant and only trust updates from their official website. This precaution helps ensure that students rely on accurate and reliable sources for such important announcements.

A Look Back at Past Results

Exam schedules and result declaration dates offer insight into the CBSE’s operational timeline:

  • 2023: Exams ran from February 15 to March 21. Results were announced on May 12, with a pass percentage of 87.33% for Class 12 and 93.12% for Class 10.
  • 2022: Exams were structured in two terms due to the ongoing adjustments from the COVID-19 pandemic, with results declared in July.
  • 2020 and 2021: Exams were cancelled due to the pandemic, and results were released in mid-July and early August respectively.

These past trends can give students and parents an idea of what to expect in terms of result timings.

Stay Updated and Prepared

As students await their results, it is important to stay updated through the official CBSE channels. The anticipation of results is a crucial time for students as they plan their next steps in education or career. Remember, the past years show a trend towards early to mid-May for result announcements, but always confirm with the official sources.

FAQs About CBSE Exam Results 2024

When will the CBSE Class 10 and 12 results for 2024 be announced?

The exact date has not been announced yet, but results are expected to be released this month. Stay tuned to official CBSE websites for the latest updates.

Where can I check the CBSE exam results for 2024?

Results will be available on official CBSE websites including and

How can I avoid fake news about CBSE results?

Always verify any news or updates from the official CBSE website at to ensure the information is accurate and trustworthy.

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