ADITYA-KASHYAP“I am very glad to get admission here. I think this is one among the best colleges where the students get what they really require at the time of study. In spite of quality teaching other curricular activities also motivate us to show our hidden talents.” – ADITYA KASHYAP,  BPT – II Year.
shyamlalI’ve found here completeness in everything whether it is teaching, atmosphere, extracurricular activities or sports.” – SHYAM LAL, BPT- I
RAMAN-KUMARI love reading magazines, periodicals and journals of my streams, which we get here in abundance to develop my rational thought & positive attitude.” – RAMAN KUMAR, BMLT- I
SWATI-KUMARIMy career is safe now because after joining the institute as being a part of it, I really felt the change. I can walk easily in every aspect of my struggling life.” – SWATI KUMARI, BMLT-I
AMAN-PARINAYStudying here has not only given me a good education, but has been great fun too. Here campus life is relaxed and sociable.” – AMAN PARINAY, BMLT –I
ANUP-KUMAR-GUPTAI was hesitant before, to present my voice in public. But the institute gave me a platform, encouragement and appreciation which gave me a lot of energy to represent myself anywhere. – ANUP KUMAR GUPTA, BMRIT –I
UMESH-KUMARI like my course. Impressive and highly qualified teachers generate various opportunities for me to explore in my career. – UMESH KUMAR, BPT-II
PRIYANKA-KUMARIThe teaching atmosphere is student centred that has given me and my classmates’ great confident and courage to face any challenge of life. – PRIYANKA KUMARI, GNM-I
GAURAV-KUMARLike others, I too wanted to enjoy college life, which I did in this college by following the path of discipline, determination and dedication.” – GAURAV KUMAR, B.SC NURSING-I
VIKASH-KUMARSplendour campus, great atmosphere of study, cooperative staff and supportive management. What more one can hope, it is all that I’ve got here. – VIKASH KUMAR, BPT-I
BHANU-PRIYAMesmerizing efforts have been made to provide each and every facility to the students. Placement record is massive, maximum of our seniors have been placed in various reputed hospitals and govt. Jobs. I am also expecting the same for myself after successful completion of the degree.” – BHANU PRIYA, B.SC NURSING-I
RAHAT-KHATUNI was new to this region & having fear regarding college life, seniors & faculties. But here, the college’s friendly environment made me relaxed and comfortable. Now I’m very happy and feel like home.” -RAHAT KHATUN, CMD
PUSHPA-KUMARIThere is no one in entire Bihar that can compete with our college. I have been groomed so greatly here that no challenge and problem threatens me now while earlier, it was not so. Thanks college for shaping me and my life.” – PUSHPA KUMARI, BMLT-I
SURUCHI-KUMARIThis is the first time when I am away from my parents. But after coming here, I never feel lonely because of the homely environment of the hostel.” – SURUCHI KUMARI, B.SC NURSING-II
KAJOL-RANII am sincerely thankful to my wards and seniors for advising me this college. This is great experience to be part of this college. I am aspiring to do my degree from here after diploma through abridged course.” – KAJOL RANI, DMLT- I
NITESH-KUMARFun, Masti, Music, Dance, Cultural upbringings and great discipline, all I’ve got here.  Thanks a lot to my college for giving me unforgettable remembrance.” – NITESH KUMAR, BPT-II
BHARTI-KUMARIReally this is great for me, that now, I can persuade anyone. Thanks to my college and its management. Before joining the institute, I was afraid to stand in front of even my peer group. – BHARTI KUMARI, B.SC NURSING-I
AKSHAY-KUMARDecision to take the admission in this college was an excellent one because I got everything that I’ve dreamt about. – AKSHAY KUMAR, B.SC NURSING-I
BRIJ-KISHORWOW! What a quality time, I’ve spent here. When I came here, I had many doubts and fears but they all resolved in fun and enjoyment.” – BRIJ KISHOR, BPT-I
ANJU-KUMARIMy decision was good to join the college because teaching methods are modern and study programs are tailored to meet the need of individual students.” – ANJU KUMARI, GNM-I