B.Sc. Nursing


Duration – 4 years Eligibility- I.Sc. Biology or its equivalent

A graduate in nursing who is prepared to assume responsibilities as professional, competent nurses & midwives in providing promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. There is an equal craze among both male and female candidates for getting this degree because it not only opens the door for a career as a nurse in hospitals but it also provides ample opportunities for a career as a metron, tutor and the candidate could be promoted even to the post of principal & registrar. In hospitals, many well trained graduate nurses are required for cooperating in critical cases and for supervising the junior ANM and GNM Nurses. Today, there are numerous vacancies for a B.Sc. Nursing candidate which will continue to remain. So investing in this course is a key to the golden future.

We shook the whole health sector of Bihar when we got the affiliation of B.Sc. Nursing because no one before us in Bihar had got the honour to be a called a Nursing College. This simply indicates our potential as a pioneer and performer as the best Nursing College in Bihar.